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Brand Design – 2023

B2Body, an innovative company in the sector of B2B distribution of dietary supplements and fitness products, aspires to be a robust and reliable connection between renowned brands and a variety of business partners, ranging from small entrepreneurs to large supermarket and pharmacy conglomerates.

The brand’s aspiration is to convey modernity, symmetry, desire, beauty, and, fundamentally, trust, resonating in harmony with values of health, beauty, and vitality. The challenge was to develop an identity that encapsulated the strength, energy, and transformative character of the brand, serving as a true mirror of its mission to forge solid and secure bonds in the competitive landscape of the B2B fitness market.

The Design: Symmetry, Evolution, and Strength

The design of the B2Body brand was conceived to create a solid connection between the B2B corporate world and the fitness industry. Highlighting B2Body’s commitment to providing quality solutions for both physical enhancement and business.

The strategic elements of the design, the “Bs” in B2B, were created to resemble a defined abdomen, symbolizing symmetry, balance, evolution, and strength. The typography, in turn, was designed to echo the brand’s narrative, with the upper half of each ‘B’ being wider and the lower half thinner, illustrating the growth and continual evolution inherent to the world of business and the fitness journey; to maintain visual consistency and create a familiarity among the types, the logo’s typography was custom-designed, highlighting the brand’s cohesion, authenticity, and impact.

The color palette, a thoughtful blend of deep black with a touch of dark yellow, conveys solidity and robustness, while also incorporating an element of vital energy, capturing the vibrant and dynamic essence of B2Body. This palette complements perfectly the pattern, designed to convey the dynamics of movement and the flow of evolution, essential in both the fitness journey and the B2B business journey. The parallel lines and diagonal arrows in both directions create this sense of dynamism and movement, illustrating the constant progress, the uninterrupted rhythm of growth, and the inevitable expansion that are intrinsic to B2Body.

The Outcome: A Strong Visual Identity that Reflects Professionalism, Trust, and Innovation

The visual identity of B2Body is vibrant and assertive, reflecting the robustness of the fitness sector and the integrity of B2B partnerships. The cohesion and impact of the brand solidify its presence, outlining a robust path for its ascent as a leading distributor, reflecting values of health and beauty, and emerging as a respected and inspiring entity in the business landscape.

Working with Jaider was a transformative experience for B2Body. From the first moment, it was clear that he not only understood the essence of our brand but also knew how to translate it into powerful visual elements and narratives. The attention to detail, the skill in capturing the symmetry and dynamism we were looking for, and the flexibility to adapt to our needs were simply exceptional.”

Fábio Vasconcelos

B2Body - CEO

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