Specialist in naming, brand design, and user experience

For 22 years, I have been empowering entrepreneurs to resignify their brands, creating solutions aligned with their businesses.

Who I am

Hello, my full name is Jaider Roberto de Morais Neto. I’m Brazilian, born in Espírito Santo in 1982, I am Olivia’s father and Mariana’s husband. I am a communications specialist and advertiser by training, working as an expert in creating business names, brand design, and planning user experience for digital interfaces like websites, apps, and systems.

Throughout my journey of over two decades, I’ve had the opportunity to support entrepreneurs in bringing their ideas and projects to life, developing solutions that have impacted businesses of major national and international brands, present in various Brazilian states and four other continents.

I started my career in design in 2000 as a WEB interface designer. Over time, I have been following the breakthroughs and important milestones, such as the need to adapt screens for mobile (responsive) and the popularization of mobile applications. This prepared me to handle design on all these platforms.

As I evolved in UX/UI (User Experience and User Interface), I experimented with other areas of design and identified very much with brand design. In this area, I combine the ability to create unique and innovative names for businesses that are still on paper or in the entrepreneur’s mind, and develop the entire visual system of the brand, its visual identity.

For a good part of my career in design, I have been an entrepreneur, being a co-founder and partner in a startup accelerator, web development studio, online education platform, and others. This has allowed me to develop a perspective, not only from the designer’s point of view but from the entrepreneur’s point of view, providing me with the ability to think of creative and truly effective solutions, focused on business strategies.

Better than me talking about myself are the testimonials from my clients about how the experience of working together was like.

Do you want to bring your business idea to life? Count on my experience and let's turn it into reality together!