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Naming and Brand Design – 2021

Klumie is an innovative startup offering services in Sign Language translation and interpretation, recruitment and selection of deaf candidates, as well as training and courses related to the inclusion of people with disabilities in the job market. With the vision of “shedding light on a path that has been dark and little explored,” Klumie aims to break down communication barriers and promote meaningful social inclusion.

The challenge was to create a brand that would resonate with a diverse audience, including deaf individuals, companies, and educational institutions, conveying humanity, creativity, and inclusion. Klumie needed to stand out as a welcoming and thoughtful solution, without losing its innovation and dynamism, and should be capable of connecting deaf and hearing individuals on an accessible and technological platform.

The Name: Klumie

Klumie is a creative fusion of the words “Clic[k]” (an onomatopoeia related to the act of turning on the light) and “[Lumiè]re” (light in French), pronounced as “klumiê.” The incorporation of French pays tribute to Charles-Michel de l’Épée, the founder of the first educational institution for the hearing impaired, known as the “Father of the Deaf.” This linguistic detail reflects Klumie’s mission to be a beacon of inclusion and accessibility in communication.

The Design: Empathy, Dynamism, and Inclusion

The symbol for Klumie is inspired by the asterisk, a multifaceted representation that encompasses various key elements of the brand. Firstly, it symbolizes union, warmth, and diversity, serving as a clear indicator of Klumie’s focus on inclusion (“WE INCLUDE”). Secondly, the asterisk also represents a glimmer of light, a spark, or a star, aligning with Klumie’s objective to “illuminate” the path towards inclusion and accessibility (“WE ENLIGHTEN”). Additionally, the symbol is inspired by overlapping hands, emphasizing the importance of the human touch and connection in all forms of communication. Lastly, in sign language, the asterisk is a symbol of touch contact, indicating that the hand touches, which underscores the element of “integration” in accessible communication that Klumie offers (“WE INTEGRATE”).

The brand colors, inspired by the French flag, are a nod to the origin of the name and convey a range of values and emotions, including wisdom, security, courage, energy, and dynamism. The pattern, a creative deconstruction of the asterisk, further reinforces the theme of social inclusion and the idea that differences complement one another.

The Result: An Innovative and Inclusive Brand

With carefully crafted strategy and design, Klumie has become an innovative and inclusive platform offering accessible and humanized services. Klumie’s integrated approach has enabled the creation of a brand recognized for its empathy and commitment to social inclusion. An inspiring example of how strategy and design can come together to generate positive impact and meaningfully promote inclusion.

Jaider exceeded our expectations and understood exactly the purpose and essence of our business, clearly seeing our values and mission. His entire work moved us and helped us look more deeply into our business. His human touch is certainly what sets him apart. We will never forget the naming presentation… how emotional it made us! Jaider also brought us light! Congratulations and thank you for the warmth and respect!

Janine Silva

Klumie - Founder

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